you’ve been hit by, you’ve been hit by, a smooth criminal…
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Michael Jackson on a boat. 
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fxckkarmada said: Awesome blog just wanted to say that
Thank you ! :D
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Anonymous said: I really love your blog! It's amazing! ❤️ I was just wondering do you think Blanket will be become an entertainer and a legend like his father? Do you think that he will follow in his fathers foot steps? Just out of curiosity! :)

Awe, thank you sweetheart ! And i have two opinions on this, like on one side i think one of his children might continue in his steps to keep his legacy alive and on the other hand i think they might not and try to stay away from the limelight (even tho they are in it to some extent) because of how their father was treated. 

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Michael Jackson I Dangerous Era II

Requested by Anonymous.

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