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i like this theme =)

Thank you ! rivalls-of-fame

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New theme ! Do you guys like it ?

The rarest love who’d think I’d find                            
Someone like you to call mine

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Michael Jackson’s dancing/footwork appreciation. 

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take me to a place without no name

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"could you suggest some good places to read mj fan fiction?"
mjfiction.com is an awesome site.

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History Teaser.

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"I watched the interview(s) with martin bashir, and I agree that he is so misunderstood but martin really tried to make mike look bad"
Martin ‘douchebag’ Bashir was complete bastard. He could rot in hell for all i care, he went into MJ’s life for a few months, gained his trust and back-stabbed him in the end. When i watched that interview, i had such a fuzzy feeling like how bad they were potraying MJ, making him seem like a bad father, a criminal. It sickened me, i could only wonder how he felt on all of this.. i feel like his downfall didn’t start after the 05’ trial but after this documentary which painted him as a bad guy.